Mother throws her son a classic collection of consoles worth $ 500,000 USD

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We have already informed you about several news that corroborate that video game collecting is very popular and very expensive. Because of this, every collector should be concerned with the way in which they safeguard their possessions. Unfortunately, a player did not take the necessary action and lost a collection valued at $ 500,000 USD.

The sad story that we are going to tell you about a player from New York. Twitter user jnlgame (account of a video game retail store) ventured on the platform after he discovered that his mother threw his entire collection of consoles and video games and classic consoles in the trash. This was a great loss not only sentimentally, but also financially, since it was valued at around $ 500,000 USD, which is equivalent to almost $ 10 million.

According to the user (via VG247), the old collection included all his games from the original PlayStation, 500 games of which were still closed, as well as vintage or classic consoles, such as Colecovision, Intellivision, Famicom, Super Famicom, TurboGrafx-16 , PC Engine, Neo Geo AES, Master System, the Mega Drive and the various Atari models, practically all of which the unfortunate collector did not take home with him.

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What was it that made mom throw the whole collection away?

In the jnlgame story, it is understood that at some point he moved out of his parents’ house and, like several people, used the warehouse in his family’s house to store his belongings that he did not take home. In addition to video games there were several musical instruments, such as 2 Marshall stacks, 14 pedals, 1 drum set, and even all of his skateboards.

Perhaps your mother or family decided that you no longer wanted to have all those things in your house or thought that they were no longer useful and that maybe your son would no longer want them, so one fine day you simply decided to get rid of them, without having one. idea of ​​what they were worth. The user, then, after a few years returned and found nothing.

Sadly, no more is known about the lost jnlgame collection. Of course, it sounds very strange for someone to get rid of a collection of that magnitude without asking for anything in return, but there it is, perhaps the mother was simply desperate and made the decision to get rid of it. It is not explained further in the story.

What is clear is that, if you are a collector like jnlgame and you do not have your own space to store video games and you store them in someone else’s house, you should at least ask the person in charge not to discard anything, or to do know the price of the items so that you know that the collection has value or that the consoles or games work.

What do you think of the sad story of this user? Has something similar happened to you? Tell us in the comments.

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