motherboard shipments fell by 10 million units in 2022

A report of DigiTimes He says that 2022 was a remarkably bad year for motherboard shipments, even worse than 2018, as shipments fell overall by around 10 million units.

According to a report published on the website of Extreme Techwhich the report cites, the figures directly affect the four largest manufacturers to varying degrees, with MSI and ASRock being the hardest hit.

DigiTimes sources say the causes of the drop in shipments are the economy, the end of crypto mining and the return of workers to the office.

In addition, the aforementioned medium adds that motherboards suddenly became expensive. For example, the AMD X670 and Intel Z790 boards surprised gamers with their prices at launch, starting at around $300 and the high-end is hovering around $600.

The numbers of Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock

The report lists motherboard shipments from the four largest manufacturers. That includes Asus and Gigabyte at number one and two, with MSI and ASRock at size three and four.

Gigabyte shipments only fell 14% from 11 million to 9.5 million. Asus took a 25% hit, going from 18 million to 13.6 million, less than half the drop experienced by ASRock, which saw shipments drop by 55% shipping around six million in 2021 and only 2, 7 million in 2022. MSI’s drop was 45 percent.

The previous two years saw skyrocketing revenues for all companies in the computer industry. When the pandemic started to subside, people just stopped buying components. Also, it was previously reported that CPU sales hit a 30-year low in the last quarter of 2022.

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