Moto GP: Has Quartararo become favorite for the title? (video)

Moto GP:

Two races to take off. In two races, and with the injury of Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo has fundamentally changed the landscape of MotoGP.

Impossible not to think about the world title. Fabio Quartararo has simply been exceptional in the first two races of the season in Jerez de la Frontera. The Frenchman multiplied his exploits in Andalusia, signing pole position and victory for two consecutive weeks, not to mention the track record (since beaten by Maverick Vinales).

Quartararo knows how to handle the pressure

An exceptional double performance combined with the very big fall of a too greedy Marc Marquez during the first meeting eight days ago. His pace was incredible but he wanted to do too much and suffered a big crash which cost him a double zero score despite his exceptional courage to try to race in the Andalusian Grand Prix this weekend.

“With Marc (Marquez on the track), it’s more difficult to win but it’s nice that someone pushes you to your limits. If I’m here, it’s because Marc pushed me last season “, explains for DAZN Spain the one who was elected Rookie of the year in 2019 and who had come close to victory on several occasions . And if Marquez fell, it is probably also precisely because Quartararo was in front and that he is very well placed to know the qualities of the Frenchman. Being forced to go to the limit hadn’t happened to him for a long time and it may have led him to make a mistake.

50 points ahead of Marc Marquez

Still, the competition could only see the damage. Quartararo has mastered his subject and marked a very big difference with all his opponents (Almost 5 seconds ahead of his runner-up, Vinales, while he had cut his effort before the line). With 50 points in the standings, 10 more than Maverick Vinales, his future Yamaha teammate (factory team in 2021), and therefore 50 more than a Marquez who should be back in Brno in the Czech Republic (August 9) during the next appointment, the Frenchman stands out as the first contender for the title.

Because it doesn’t make us forget that the season is shorter than usual. There are only 11 races left (unless other GPs are added) to go and more than ever it will be necessary to reckon with Quartararo.

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