Motorola adds an element of surprise that will completely change the experience of the folding Razr

The foldable cell phone market still does not have a wide enough range to take over the market. However, there are companies like Motorola, pioneers in this style, that continue to bet on this type of technology, which stands as the most advanced in terms of smartphones.

In addition to the obviousness of a system of impressive screens that can be folded and unfolded depending on the situation in which you want to use the cell phone, the teams have a more powerful camera and an operating system that makes them class A devices, in terms of range is concerned.

Motorola’s Razr lineup has several options that have improved over the years. Remember those old devices that were closed and opened to answer a call, but with the addition that it is all screen and smartphone, it caught an important sector of users.

Now, with a new release coming up in 2023, Razr adds a feature that will make you even more reminiscent of that old Flip V3 that came out in 2004.

Filtered images of the Motorola Razr 2023

According to a review by Urban Technothe images of the new Motorola Razr that were leaked show an external screen that is twice the size of the previous version, that is, a panel that exceeds 5 inches.

On this external screen, which takes us back to 2004 with the Motorola V3 Flip, the notifications that come to your cell phone can be viewed with better quality.