Motorola takes advantage of Apple and Samsung by announcing a satellite connection device that will work on any Android

Satellite connections in cell phones are mechanisms that are only integrated into smartphones of the latest generations of Samsung and iPhone. However, Motorola has taken a step forward to take advantage of them and released a device that will allow this option on any Android.

This is the new Motorola Defy Satellite. This is a small device that has been designed to generate an Internet connection on your cell phone from anywhere in the world, however rural and remote it may be.

The idea is that you do not lose communication while you cross a mountain, the middle of the sea, a wide field far from the antennas or any place without coverage.

According to what you review computer today the Mororola Defy Satellite has IP68 resistance; issue that qualifies it to operate in the most complex environments that an electronic device can face (we are talking about humidity, cold, heat and even a certain time under water).

Also, the people of Motorola say that the device passed the Mil-Spec 810H tests, with which they ensure that it is capable of withstanding the blows that cause falls.

How do you use it? Simple, you connect via Bluetooth and so you have a connection. Now, pay attention that there are small letters. The device only costs around $120 which you only pay when you buy it.

But, to have a connection you will have to pay an annual subscription that costs about 170 dollars. The launch of the Motorola Defy Satellite was made at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, which takes place in Barcelona (Spain) from February 27 and will run until March 2.