Mountain of Mars that stands as the highest in the entire Solar System

Of all the planets that coexist with Earth in the Solar System, Mars is the one that has been most explored by science. Different rovers and space probes from NASA and other research agencies have visited our rocky neighbor to find evidence of prehistoric life.

The red planet could have hosted life in the past or is preparing to receive a civilization in the future. It is towards these two possibilities that the investigations of Earth scientists point.

Exploration on Mars made us know Mount Olympus or Mount Olympus. It is a volcanic region that stands as the highest mountain in the entire Solar System. It exceeds, almost by three, the size of Mount Everest.

Different scientific investigations have revealed in recent years that this mountain is a volcano that registers activity and that it is also the youngest of those that have been discovered on the red planet.

The measurements of the imposing Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is about 22 kilometers high. Its size is truly monstrous. There is nothing similar or at least close to it on our planet.

These measures of length almost triple the size of the majestic Mount Everest, located on the border between Nepal and Tibet, in the even more amazing Himalayan range that is home to more than 14 peaks that exceed eight thousand feet in height.

It is the best way to compare the immensity of Mount Olympus, at 22,000 meters, with the highest mountains on Earth, none of which reaches 9,000 meters.

Regarding the diameter, Space Explorer details the exact measurements of the mount on Mars and, of course, compares it with the space it would occupy on our planet.

“To give an idea of ​​its size, it measures 624 km in diameter, that is, it covers approximately the same amount of land as the state of Arizona,” they said.