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One of the most rugged subjects for humans is the act of eating another person, either out of necessity to survive – as in the movie They Live – or worse still for pleasure. That is why here are some movies about cannibalism that have reached theaters and that you can now watch at home if you have the stomach to support some of its scenes.

Voracious (Dir. Julia Ducournau, 2015)

Ironically, this film in Mexico was distributed by Cine Caníbal and is about a vegetarian girl who enters the veterinary school and that on her first day the students who enter are hazed of having to eat raw animal meat, which causes in her a sudden taste and need for all kinds of meat. The ending of this movie is impossible to forget.

Cannibal Holocaust (Dir. Ruggero Deodato, 1980)

cannibalism movies

Before The Blair Witch Project went to school with the found footage genre and images documenting the steps leading up to the disappearance of students, Ruggero Deodato decided to take – in his fiction – a group of young people to the Amazon and disappear them. Later an anthropologist discovers the tapes they recorded and observes the hell they went through, at the hands of local cannibals.

Bone Tomahawk (Dir. S. Craig Zahler, 2015)

In this underrated horror western, Kurt Russell plays Sheriff Franklin Hunt in a story in which a town is under threat from a group of cannibals ready to create chaos in the place. It is then that the Sheriff prepares to go into battle.

Few Mexican films in recent years have sought to make what we are, a film that through genre -in this case terror-, addresses a family drama in which the head of the family dies and the children must be made together with his mother, he was responsible for supporting and surviving in Mexico City.

Cannibalism is the spearhead for our protagonist in this story directed by the director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, a strange mix of a vampire movie with a western. On this occasion we have the story of a girl who is attacked by a group of cannibals, leaving her without a leg or an arm, but who later seeks revenge.

Grimm Love aka Rohtenburg (Dir. Martin Weisz, 2006)

cannibalism movies

This is perhaps the most disturbing movie on the subject as it is 100% true. In Germany through a forum on cannibalism, a man places an ad about his desire to eat someone slowly. Several respond to the post, but only one shows up at his home. And it is then that the plan of these two men is carried out until they fulfill the wish of both, yes, you know what that means.

Delicatessen (Dir. Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1994)

In the manner of Soylent Green (You know, “Solyent Green is people!”) In a fantastic apocalyptic scenario where food is scarce, a chef takes people and turns them into meat for the consumption of other customers.

cannibalism movies

As a tribute to the Cannibal Holocaust, Eli Roth presents a film in which a group of students arrive in the Amazons only to discover that the natives of the place practice cannibalism and everything becomes a fight to escape from the place.

Hannibal Lecter franchise

There is not much new to say about one of the most iconic killers in literature, film and television.


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