Mr. Tempo and Chiquis Rivera: What you need to know

Mr. Tempo and Chiquis Rivera: What you need to know


Chiquis Rivera

Jorge Cueva, known as Mr. Tempo, revealed some details that no one knew about his relationship with Chiquis Rivera. During an interview on January 13, the businessman made it clear that he has not seen Chiquis for a month. Besides, the only thing that unites them is a business they have together. They are united under a business contract to launch a tequila together.

Something that Jenni Rivera’s family is a bit upset because they have always run Jenni Rivera’s tequila business. While now Chiquis decided to support another tequila. “I didn’t give it much importance because they are two very different things,” Mr. Tempo assured Suelta la Sopa. “One is his mother’s and this is hers. She [Chiquis] deserves its own brand. She was going to talk to her family so they would hear it from her and not from television programs. “

At the moment the contract is still in place and they are currently designing the brand’s label. But all business movements are working separately “for the good of the business,” added Mr. Tempo.

Mr. Tempo did not know that Chiquis had stopped following him on his networks

In the interview, Mr. Tempo learned that Chiquis let him follow his networks. For his part, Mr. Tempo does not follow Chiquis either, but he made it clear that he does not manage his networks. “I have a publicist and he handles the account for me,” Mr. Tempo confessed. And he added, “We speak on WhatsApp not on Instagram [con Chiquis]”. He also made it clear that he has not seen her for a month. And the last time they spoke “she told me when she was going to see Lorenzo. We talk about tequila and friendship and that’s it “

When they questioned him about the famous kiss they gave each other on the mouth, Mr. Tempo, which was a “compas, we are friends” kiss. The businessman also said that Chiquis never drove to Texas but took a flight from Los Angeles to meet Lorenzo Méndez again. To show her some messages on her phone and check that she wasn’t with Mr. Tempo, when the kiss came to light.

Chiquis is not pregnant

He also ensures that “Chiquis is not pregnant.” The question came after a photo that began to circulate in the networks of Chiquis holding an ultrasound photo. The photo was

Dr. Shahin Ghadir uploaded the photo to his networks where Chiquis appears with Lorenzo Méndez. Above you can see the photo. Mr. Tempo assures that this photo was two years ago for a joke for his brothers.

Before concluding the interview, Mr. Tempo assures that they will no longer see him with Chiquis.

Mr. Tempo met Chiquis Rivera in a restaurant

Mr. Tempo recounted during an interview with Come Joy that they met at his restaurant in Santa Monica, California. “I invited her to the opening and there was chemistry. We had dinner. We talked about the Reyna del Sur tequila project ”and he mentioned that they consult with their partners so that the singer is the image of the drink. Later they met again to sign the contract.

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