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Mrs World was arrested for ripping off Mrs Sri Lanka’s crown. Mrs World Caroline Jurie was arrested for injuring the contest winner when she snatched the crown from her to give to the first runner-up.

The BBC reports that the police in Sri Lanka have arrested the current Mrs World Sri Lanka, Caroline jurie, after she hurt Pushpika de silva, winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka contest, when he crowned her this Sunday, and then tore the crown from her accusing her of divorce.

The winner of the contest, Pashpika De Silva said that she is separated from her husband, not divorced. That is, she is legally married. Mrs Sri Lanka is part of the Mrs World beauty pageant for married women. The winner of each country will compete at Mrs World worldwide.

“There is a rule that prohibits women who have been married and divorced, so I take the step for the crown to go to second place” – Mrs Jurie told the audience – according to the BBC.

Jurie proceeded to rip the crown from the winner and put it on the first runner-up, prompting Ms. De Silva to tear off the stage in tears. Later the women are seen, jumping happily, hugging and with their fists in the air screaming hysterically (“By the power of married women !!” LOL! @Shizen for that comment).

In a Facebook post, Ms. De Silva said she went to the hospital to be treated for the injuries to her head after the incident where her crown was ripped off. And he dedicated his crown to single moms.

“There are a lot of single moms like me today who are suffering in Sri Lanka,” De Silva said later at a news conference. “This wreath is dedicated to all those women, those single moms who are struggling to raise their children alone.”

MMM OK. She also stressed that she will take legal action for the “unacceptable and insulting” manner in which she was treated. Another model involved in the incident was also arrested (is it the one in the brown suit?).

“Police arrested Caroline Jurie and model Chula Padmendra for the incident this Sunday on charges of simple injury and criminal cause” – said police spokesman Ajith Rohana to the BBC.

Caroline Jurie and the head of Mrs Sri Lanka’s organization, Chandimal Jayasinghe were questioned by the police on Thursday, Mrs Jurie and Chula Padmendra were released on bail to appear before the Colombo Magistrates Court on April 19.

Ms. De Silva had her crown returned, and the pageant organizers have said they expect Ms. Jurie to issue a public apology.

AND! Online has that according to the Colombo Gazette, Caroline Jurie refused to publicly apologize to De Silva for the incident on Sunday and that De Silva would not accept a written apology from Jurie and Padmendra. A press release shared by the Mrs World organization on April 5 notes that Jayasinghe will request that Jurie issue an apology.

The Mrs Sri Lanka World pageant is a very important beauty pageant in the country. The Prime Minister’s wife is among the guests at the ceremony.

Whatever! It seems unusual to me that nobody interrupted that moment, they were all in shock, petrified, watching how they humiliated the winner and did all that pathetic show, jumping celebrating on stage as if they had done Justice! Justice for married women !!! (Long live the married ladies! LOL!). Same if she’s divorced how she entered the pageant, right? That is easy to verify. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it.

Anyways, Mrs World was arrested for taking the crown from Mrs Sri Lanka. Aha! And the humiliation, how do they fix it? How do they erase it? They should have an event where they crown her again… Justice! Justice!! For the separated non-divorced women !! LOL!

Mrs World was arrested for ripping off Mrs Sri Lanka's crown

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