MSCHF and its fun Astro Boy boots that are a sensation, where can you buy them?

MSCHF He stunned the fashion world with his red Astro Boy boots, taking fans into the world of comics thanks to his wit.

The Big Red Boots, such their name, are not good for flying, it is difficult to walk with them and they do not go unnoticed. But it is still an ingenious move for the group’s artists, following the style of the manga created by Osamu Tezuka in the 50s.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, the art collective MSCHF has been around since 2016. Four years later, it revealed that it had received $11.5 million in funding, and its popularity continues to rise, with disruptive productions like the ones we present.

as described Sneaker News, MSCHF “is constantly subverting convention, creating billionaire-shaped paddles, leaderboards based on how much money you have in the bank, and Old Skools distorted in such a way that they are impossible to skate on.”

And how can we forget the famous Nike shoes of Satan!

“But even the AC-1 was based on reality, something that we definitely cannot say is true about the latest piece of footwear from the artistic collective: The Big Red Boots,” adds the specialized portal.

These are the MSCHF Big Red Boots, the boots in the best style of Astro Boy

In essence, they are boots made with a TPU rubber shell and an EVA sole, with a much larger size than the traditional ones. A simple design, an illogical presentation, but all very fun.

MSCHF explains the origin of the Big Red Boots. “Unreality achieves what cartoons have known for decades: abstract forms convey their central idea with an immediacy that a fully realized form cannot,” the collective notes.

Big Red Boot

“This is why animation can convey coherent motion in a fraction of the frames that live action requires.”

The MSCHF Big Red Boots were released in early February with a price tag of $350. They will be available until this week. through the official page of the collective, along with your application.