Murder on Eridano (DLC) is coming to Nintendo Switch – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

It was early June 2020 when The Outer Worlds landed on Nintendo Switch, so that players of the hybrid console could visit those outer worlds that they had liked so much on other platforms. Thus, several patches later, the game was trying to get the best possible version, but also to be as complete as possible, since “Danger in Gorgona” is now available. DLC. However, as we have been able to know now, it will not be the only one to arrive, since Murder in Eridano You will also sign up for this trip through the outer worlds.

“Murder on Eridano” will come to the Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds in 2021

We recently received a DLC for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch, but this journey does not end, and now it has been confirmed that the second paid DLC, “Murder on Eridano”, will also arrive on this hybrid console. However, this confirmation has been somewhat scarce in terms of information, since it has only been confirmed that it will arrive by the end of 2021 and it has not even been said if it will arrive just at the same time as the rest of the platforms for which It is planned, but what we do know is that a new version of this title will be released through the eShop, which will contain the base game and both downloadable content, so that the experience is as complete as possible.

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Therefore, we have no choice but to keep waiting for more news of “Murder in Eridano”, this DLC of The Outer Worlds, but the fact that it has already confirmed its presence on this platform that we can take wherever we want to play whenever we want And as we want it is more than good news for those who have a copy of the game here.

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