Mutua Madrid Open – Coronavirus: The Community of Madrid “discourages” the Mutua Madrid Open from being disputed due to outbreaks

Mutua Madrid Open – Coronavirus They have sent a letter to their director Feliciano Lpez

Feliciano Lpez and Manolo Santana. Mutua Madrid Open

He Mutua Madrid Open is in serious danger of not contesting, once the Madrid’s community has sent a letter to its director, Feliciano Lopez, in which he “discourages” the event, scheduled for September, to take place due to the “current situation of increase of cases” in the capital of Spain and “unknown forecast of evolution regarding the pandemic in the city of Madrid”, as reflected in the letter, published by El Confidencial.

“It is inadvisable to hold the tournament on September 2020, due to the aforementioned health risk that it would pose to both the public and the organization and the players”, collects the letter signed by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Plan COVID-19, Antonio Zapatero, on July 29.

BRAND has been able to verify how the situation is, and from the organization they have highlighted that now “everyone involved is being talked to make the most appropriate decision soon”. On the table is already the public dispute of the event, as well as the most drastic measure of its cancellation. In the first instance, they study how to increase security measures, so that the tension calendar does not run out of Madrid.

Recall that the event had been moved to September 12-20, and it is the Masters 1000 to open the short season of land, followed by Rome and culminating with Roland Garros. In fact, Rafa Nadal was reserved to reappear in Madrid, skipping the American tour, US Open included.