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Emi matched on Tinder with a boy. But the emotion was short-lived. After greeting each other, the boy told Emi that he was actually heterosexual and was not interested in boys. I just wanted to tell you the details of a “Opportunity” to travel for free and earn money. “Living the perfect life everyone dreams of,” he told her. It didn’t take Emi long to realize that she was in the crosshairs of a pyramid scam on tinder.

The fraud, which Emi quickly realized, was based on traveling practically free on cruise ships around the world. Frauds similar to those already known as the “Travel club” in which discount tourist packages are purchased to later receive commissions for attracting new customers. However, everything behind it is a lie, there is no club and everything is a pyramidal framework.

The Tinder match was unlucky on that occasion because Emi immediately replied that what he was trying to sell her was a scam. “He used the arguments they always use and blocked or canceled the match”. Those arguments Emi referred to are, for example, talking to a person who tells you about the wonders of the business and what has improved her life after being part of it.

The questions Emi asks herself are the ones that reveal most of the frauds: “If they have discovered the secret to making easy money, why are you sharing it with other people? Wouldn’t you take care of that data? Why do you need to create a Tinder to add more people to your project?”, He asked

Tinder scam: a date that ends in a briefing

Emi is not the only one who has been targeted for a pyramid scam on Tinder. The first cases came to light on a subreddit in 2014, where users explained cases similar to Emi’s. In 2016, a publication brought the issue to the media for the first time.

In a post, Scott explained how their Tinder date had gone. Things seemed to be going well and she went to her date’s apartment after having a drink. When they arrived they were not alone and the worst thing is that the people who were on that floor they didn’t seem to know each other. Scott thought, “Is this going to be an orgy? I’m going in that case.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it was not. “It was a pyramid scheme. They used Tinder to try to lure people into a pyramid schemeScott wrote to his friend.

Ana could be about to experience a similar situation. When he started talking to a guy on Tinder, he asked about his age and job. She told him that at that time she was unemployed but “we talked normally about this issue.” In the beginning, there was nothing to attract attention.

Until his match told him shortly after that I had a proposal to make. “I thought he was going to introduce me to a friend who was looking for someone to work with but he sent me a location, with a door number,” recalled Ana for “He told me that I was not going to be alone, that there would be other people who would also go there for the first time.” The boy insisted that it would only be a few minutes to explain to everyone what the opportunity consisted of.

Ana refused to come but he insisted and insisted, instead of proposing a date. In the end, he blocked it. Despite the fact that the match never gave details about what that job consisted of, Ana is convinced that it was a pyramid scam. “I wanted to offer a job to myself and other people, but he refused to tell me what it was about. He said he had to see me in person to tell me ”.

The desire to attract new followers can go beyond the Tinder chat barrier, as is the case with Scott or the one that Ana was about to expose herself to. But, in most of the cases that has encountered, the people who promote the assumptions successful business they do not leave the internal chat.

As it happened to Emi, and also to Dori. This Twitter user explained to that, shortly after she started talking to one of the people she had matched with, she began to tell him the benefits of e-commerce. “He wanted to pass me a link. I refused”. In Dora’s case, the desperation – or harassment – in trying to get her attention was latent. “The next day you can see that he forgot why he asked me again if he knew what e-commerce was ”.

‘Zero tolerance’

Melina, 28 years old. Live in Buenos Aires. “You are unemployed? Do you want to have more time? An extra income? I can tell you an option that will change your life. ” This was the profile that Dani found on Tinder. It smelled of scam from afar and the user rejected it. Before, however, he took a photo of her.

Tinder enabled last year the photo verification so that the members of the app know if the person with whom they are speaking corresponds to the one shown in their profile. This measure could prevent cases of scam in the case that it was, for example, a bot but it does not prevent a real person from joining the platform and, in personal chat, try to attract people to join a pyramid scam . In this regard, Tinder indicated that they take matters of identity theft and attempted fraud very seriously “and we have a zero tolerance policy to abusive behaviors of any kind, “he told

“We have a specialized team that, using a leading technology network in the industry, monitors possible signs of fraud and reviews suspicious profiles and activities, as well as user reports.”

Likewise, the platform recalled that no one, regardless of whether they have met through a dating app or not, should never send money someone you don’t know in person. “We encourage our members to report any user who has requested financial information, through our reporting tools.” Many people are quick to recognize when they’re trying to get caught for a scam on Tinder, but sadly, they’re still cannon fodder.

Herbalife enters the game

Tinder scamsPratik Gupta / Unsplash

They use Tinder but it could be any other app. Especially those who bet on known pyramid scams as Herbalife. The company that sells “healthy nutrition” and promises its customers to lose weight quickly was in the crosshairs of authorities in many countries as a pyramid business.

Herbalife survives thanks to its sellers, who are in charge of attracting new customers and selling them the company’s products. Some of them have seen on Tinder a perfect channel to attract new followers. Mau had a friend who experienced it first hand.

This Twitter user explained to that everything happened during a date in which his friend met a girl he had met on the app. “They were talking for hours, walking, getting to know each other.” Everything seemed to be going well and there was chemistry between them. She mentioned that she thought he was very handsome but that if you ever thought about losing weight. That’s where it all started.

“He responded that ideally he would like to be slimmer and she told him that if he was interested she had an opportunity to introduce him, and she started telling him about Herbalife. There he realized that the whole date was a sales meeting and he felt terrible. “

Porthos -alias on Twitter- something started to smell like scorch when his Tinder match asked him if he was an enterprising person. His proposed appointment was to spend the afternoon at the mall to listen to a business conversation. “I told him that I didn’t want to join Herbalife and he assured me that it was not the same. When I asked him to explain what it is, he replied that he couldn’t explain it because it is visual, ”explained Porthos. There the conversation ended.

Daniel he is a pharmacist and you know very closely the consequences of Herbalife products. So when his match on Tinder asked him if he wanted information about how the company’s model worked, Daniel was blunt. “He asked me if I did sports, to which I answered yes, and if I was on a diet. He began to tell me his supposed story, that he lost a lot of weight with his products, “he explained to

He could have left the conversation there but, due to his profession, he felt the need to tell his match that he knew very well what those products were made of and that they were dangerous. “I gave him a nice caption on composition and side effects and he broke the match.”

8 stories about how scam ‘catchers’ – pyramidal or not – wanted to find future victims. The conversation began as everyone does on Tinder: talking about where they come from, what they like to do or what they do. But all of a sudden, the excitement that they could have put into meeting that person dissipated in the blink of an eye. With that message in which they were asked if they were entrepreneurs or if they were willing to take advantage of a great opportunity that could change their lives. Pyramid scams have always existed and, with them, the many ways to recruit new members of these “select” groups. The most famous dating app is another of those channels; a way to make the search for love even more difficult.

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