Mysterious disease strikes Indian city: “The cause is unknown, all patients have tested negative for Covid-19”

It is a curious phenomenon reported by the authorities of the city of Eluru in south-eastern India. While the city is still fighting against the coronavirus, another disease has struck more than 300 of its inhabitants. According to local officials, the patients presented similar symptoms: nausea, convulsions and loss of consciousness.

Of course, the authorities first of all wanted to ensure that the coronavirus was not responsible for the strange state of these patients.
“All the patients tested negative for Covid-19”, assured Dolla Joshi Roy, head of the West Eluru district, to CNN. Currently, around 180 hospitalized people have been able to return home. The others are in stable condition, according to the responsible for the district concerned. A patient would have lost her life, according to Dolla Joshi Roy, but the death was not related to the disease she had contracted.

The mystery remains as to the origin of this sudden illness.
“The cause is still unknown, but we are still doing all kinds of testing, including on food and milk.”, the head of the West District of Eluru told CNN. The blood tests helped rule out a viral infection, such as dengue. The authorities took water samples from 57,863 households. Specialists were also dispatched to try to find out what happened in the town of Eluru.

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