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Luis Antonio has confirmed that the intention is to release the game in 2021.

12 minutes

One of the video games of the most anticipated independent panorama and the one that has attracted the most attention in recent times is 12 Minutes. He interactive thriller developed by Luis Antonio has caused curiosity among players for its playable proposal, which is undoubtedly original. Now, to start the year, the studio has shared some interesting details of its development.

The first thing is that Luis Antonio has once again indicated that the objective is to launch the video game in 2021. With that clear, the developer has counted that they have had some problems with the animations, even having to carry out a special program to be able to see and improve them without having to enter the game. The study keep perfecting this aspect and collisions with other objects.

12 Minutes Image

The game, one of the sensations of E3 2019, is also in optimization phase, so that the game works best on all platforms. Besides, the compatibility With different components, like controls, it is a job that is being done. The studio wants to have a playable build to detect bugs: “Our main objective now is to obtain a final version’ of the game, that it can be played from start to finish without major errors so that we can test it to the fullest“.

Therefore, once 12 Minutes has that build, the game will enter its final phase. “Once all of this is in place, […] we can advance to the last stage of development. That means localization, the approval process on consoles, finding the perfect launch window and share it with the world. “The video game will feature a luxurious cast, with James McAvoy, Daisey Ridley and Willem Dafoe.

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