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A common element in digital marketing is that which has to do with innovation in the way data is interpreted.

The interpretation of data is essential to achieve valuable strategies.

Today the context and its interpretation is essential to understand the weight of a brand and the way it interacts in the market.

The narration of data is fundamental in the market and an element that we cannot lose sight of is the weight it has in defining a good digital marketing strategy.

At Diploma Digital Analytics You will find everything so that as of this January 26, you learn to engage in crucial aspects in the measurement of your digital strategy, be it commercial, advertising or social networks.

You will know how to adapt the operation of digital tools in each of the platforms in which you work, you will know how to better understand the data in your decision making and optimize your results.

There are 4 key objectives in the program:

Understand the behavior of digital campaigns on all platforms. Optimization of the digital marketing strategy. Make the best decisions based on data narration. Greater performance of your digital advertising budget.

Throughout 5 complete modules you will learn:

What to measure in digital marketing What to interpret from your website Build a very good measurement strategy for Google Ads campaigns Measurement in social networks such as Facebook and Instagram Narration of data from complementary social networks such as LinkedIn and Youtube Measurement in e-commerce

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