Naruto Shippuden inspired this voluptuous Hinata cosplay that you may not have known about

We now bring you a classic that you may have missed the moment it went viral, but first, a bit of context. Hinata, female character from naruto shippuden, has become a relative cult object for anime and manga fans in recent years.

Although she was not the subject of a considerable amount of cosplay or fan art during her original production, over time she has established herself as one of the favorite cast members of that era of the saga.

A few days ago we shared an impressive tribute made in honor of Hinata by the renowned artist of the sunnyrayyxo community. This session had all the attributes known to spare by the followers of this celebrity.

But before it there was another session in honor of this franchise that also made relative noise among the community and that largely laid the foundations for future cosplay sessions among those who took this base as inspiration.

Naruto Shippuden receives this tribute in Hinata cosplay by Soryu Geggy

It was the year of 2021 when the renowned Italian cosplay artist, Eugenia Haruno Bellomia, better known as Soryu Geggy, released the photographs of a session in honor of Hinata from Naruto Shippuden that caused a lot of noise in the community at the time.

Haruno does not have a brutal number of followers like other American celebrities, barely or more than 600 thousand followers in his official Instagram account. But that select community is made up of other colleagues in the guild, which is why it has become an obligatory point of reference for many.

An example of this is the session in honor of this character who ended up setting a parameter for this type of tribute:

As we can see, the session looks simple, without much saturation or with a marked care to emulate the characterization of the character in the manga or anime.

It is therefore a deconstruction, where we see Hinata with a casual and modern look, respecting at all times the typical colors with which her most popular wardrobe is identified.

This shoot, like much of the rest of the cosplay artist’s work, stands out for exactly these kinds of qualities.

What has triggered more than one debate about whether he is doing a deep reinterpretation job or whether he needs more production. The final judgment is for every reader.