NASA publishes for the first time the true sound and video of Mars captured by Perseverance – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The previous one was not false, but neither was it true, understand? We explain how the matter is.

The POT published for the first time the audio and video recorded by the microphones of the Perserverance, this February 22. The images and sounds correspond precisely to the moment of their arrival on the surface of Mars. Likewise, it is clarified that the audiovisual material that circulated through the networks from the day after their arrival, is not from this new mission. However, it is not false either.

Perseverance arrived on Mars on the 18th, therefore, on the 19th there was already a presumed video with sound of the red planet. This one is not fake, but it is not 100% real either and we explain why. What had been seen previously is a recreation of Curiosity, other rover of the POT on Martian soil.

So, with the data the scientists received from this old mission, they did a recreation. It details how Mars would look and what its audio would be like. In this way they were able to accomplish the excellent work.

This video below belongs to Curiosity, NOT Perseveance

Actually this is how Mars sounds

But this Monday, February 22, the whole world already knows how the neighboring planet sounds. Not only is your audio picked up by Perseverance’s microphones, it’s done at the right moment of your landing. In the same material there are two visuals, one from the vehicle that looks towards the parachute while descending. And the other from the umbrella-shaped object, towards the device and the planet.

Through this link from the space agency, you can listen to the two audios that are published on Soundcloud. We also leave below the video that NASA posted of the moment of the landing that includes a mixture of sounds between the planet and the execution of the mission.

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