NASA releases first video of Perseverance landing on Mars – .

NASA released Monday, February 22 a video of more than three minutes of the landing of its robot Perseverance, after its arrival on Mars.

NASA released a video of the landing of its Perseverance robot on Monday, February 22.

New images from Perseverance

Four days after Perseverance’s successful landing, NASA unveiled new images captured from the perspective of its rover.

We can see the descent of the rover on the Martian surface.

Martian soil approaching

A camera shows the deployment of the 21-meter-diameter supersonic parachute, located in the rear shield, to slow the craft from 1,500 to 300 km / h.

Another, located under the machine, allows you to see the Martian soil approaching.

“What we have dreamed of for years”

This is the first time that we have been able to capture an event such as a landing on Mars “, said at a press conference Michael watkins, the director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where the Perseverance robot was built.

NASA is broadcasting Martian sound recorded by microphones for the first time.

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