The Monaco Grand Prix was canceled. The Indianapolis 500 Miles are postponed until August.

Only the Coca-Cola 600 race will take place as scheduled this weekend.

Motorsports’ most celebrated day has been reduced to a single 600-mile race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It is the longest NASCAR competition of the year.

What started as the World 600 in 1959 turned into a night race that capped a spectacular day for motorsport fans.

On Sunday, the day before the United States commemorates soldiers killed in wars, it used to start for fans in this country with the broadcast of the Formula One race, from the streets of Monaco. That race started in 1929 and had been running continuously from 1959 until the coronavirus pandemic wiped out a good chunk of the F1 calendar.

Then the focus was on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500. It started as the International Sweepstakes 500 Mile Race in 1911, grew to become the “Greatest Motorsports Show” and had been held this weekend every year since 1946.

Roger Penske, in his first year as owner of this race and the IndyCar, has postponed the competition for two months, due to the health crisis on the planet.

This left NASCAR alone, monopolizing the spotlight on Sunday night, just as it has in the past week. This series, through a strict health monitoring plan and supported by the proximity of its headquarters to states that have few restrictions, has already completed three races in the most recent week.

The next competition is a jewel in his crown, which often serves as a tribute to the American military as well. The race, which begins at sunset and ends in the middle of the night, is actually a celebration of the so-called Memorial Day. Fallen heroes are honored in every bolide, and there’s a fireworks show at the end.

The race itself is the most draining of the season, beating the others by at least 100 miles. It is a true resistance battle.

It has not always been the most exciting event, but the riders love the challenge and respect the meaning it has acquired over the past 61 years.

“I think for our most loyal fans and for people who appreciate NASCAR history, the 600 are like an animal of a different species, a unique show,” said Martin Truex Jr. “For us in this sport, and particularly For the drivers, this is a big thing, we want to win. “