Nate Burkhalter is celebrating his birthday. How did he celebrate it?

Nate Burkhalter, champion of the fourth season of Exatlón USA.

Halil Íbrahim Özbay

Nate Burkhalter, champion of the fourth season of Exatlón USA.

The winners of the different seasons of the competition program, Exatlon United States, once they achieve the victory, they become influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, eager to follow each step of the champions, and know how the life after the successful competition show, whose audience preference has made it one of the most successful on the Telemundo network.

Such is the case of the so-called “Latin-Gringo” of the fourth edition, Nate Burkhalter, who belonged to Team Famosos and won the fourth season of Exatlon United States, a particularly difficult one, who lived closely the onslaught of COVID-19, and had to be suspended for several weeks.

During his stay in the Dominican Republic, Nate from the beginning was one of the strongest competitors, not only in skills and strategies to advance, but in spirit and strength, being a man of deep Christian faith who always tried to instill in all the members of his team and that he put into practice, when he suffered two dangerous injuries, both in the foot and in the neck, that forced him to be absent for weeks from the competition and jeopardize his permanence.

But none of that stopped Nate, and with his permanent smile he reached the grand final where he measured forces with a woman, Alondra “Nona” Gonzalez, the Mexican soccer player who with an iron temper, could reach glory and provide a final movie with Nate.

Life after Exatlon United States

After triumphing in the competition, Nate’s life in many ways was never the same, the American engineer and philanthropist, Spartan race champion, and two-time finalist of the famous NBC competition show, American Ninja Warrior, In view of the different waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, he had to suspend different plans, among which they were traveling through Latin America, a region of which he confessed lover in an interview with Now Same, where he also talked about the perfect ingredients to succeed in the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”.

But although the 35-year-old had to suspend his trip to the region, he recently flew to Costa Rica, where he has dedicated himself to different missions of philanthropy, helping less privileged areas and learning a little more about the culture, the beaches and the good energy of the country whose slogan is “Pure Life”.

Today, February 23, Nate turned 35 and celebrated by practicing extreme sports in Costa Rica, where he bungee-jumped, to which he found a very special meaning. This is how he shared it on his social networks:

“I’m ready to jump on new adventures that God may take me on, and I made this jump as a representation of that.” Nate said on Instagram.

Not in vain does life smile on Nate Burkhalter, because he has always known how to combine sport, with his good attitude and his faith, he is a warrior in every sense of the word!

Happy Birthday champion

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