National Guard reservists camp on Capitol Hill in Washington – .

As Joe Biden’s investiture ceremonies approach, on January 20, and after the recent violence on Capitol Hill, Washington is under siege. National Rank reservists sleep on the floor inside the US Congress.

“It’s surreal. Never has this place looked so much like a fortress.”

A week after the invasion of Capitol in Washington by pro-Trump who killed four, up to 20,000 National Guard reservists were mobilized to ensure the security of the premises. The soldiers camp in the Capitol and sleep on the ground next to their gun. The United States Congress is transformed into an entrenched camp.

The channel’s Congress correspondent CNN, Manu Raju, commented on the scene, throwing: “It’s surreal. Never has this place looked so much like a fortress.”. He also added: “When you walk into these places, it feels like a battlefield.”

“It’s really striking to see this but it’s necessary”

The journalist of CNN made a point of stressing that, of course, there are usually quite a few police officers around the Capitol in Washington. But never “We do not see the National Guards, in fatigues, ready to draw their weapons of war”. He continued: “It’s really striking to see this but it’s necessary”, report

Both inside and outside the Capitol, the place looks like a real entrenched camp. Every 5 to 10 m, a soldier is placed along a metal barrier delimiting a perimeter to be protected.

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