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Violent attack by a Pitbull on a young woman who was walking through CDMX

Through Twitter, a person shared a video where the moment in which a Pitbull dog attacks a young woman in the streets of Mexico City is observed. It was the user identified as @ Mollejas8409 who published the clip captured by cameras security located on Manuel J. Othon street, in the Obrera neighborhood, of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, on January 9. In the images you can see when a young man crosses the street with the Pitbull and almost halfway through the journey the subject Due to the poor quality of the recording, it is not clear if he accidentally lets go of the chain with which he was holding the dog or if he encourages it to attack, but after that the dog runs off towards the sidewalk. sidewalk a young woman is walking calmly when suddenly, the dog pounces on her and knocks her down, then begins to bite her. The images show that the owner of the Pitbull approaches and tries to stop the animal, several neighbors look out to see what is happening, after several seconds they manage to control the dog and the young woman tries to rejoin, but falls back to the ground. While several people come to help the victim, the subject calmly leaves with the animal.The user who shared the video reported that the young woman suffered tears in ligaments and tendons, for which she had to be transferred to the Xoco General Hospital, in the mayor Benito Juárez. He also pointed out that the owner of the animal fled the place without facing responsibility for the attack of his dog. The Law of Civic Culture of Mexico City indicates in its Article 28 that it is the cause of infringement: “Allow the person who owns or possesses a animal that it travels freely or travel with it without adopting the necessary security measures, according to the particular characteristics of the animal, to prevent possible attacks on other people or animals, as well as inciting or not containing it “. Therefore, the owner of the The dog that attacked the young woman could be subject to a fine equivalent to 11 to 40 Units of Measure, about 3,440 pesos, or an arrest of 13 to 24 hours, or 6 to 12 hours of work in favor of the community, although there are several postures, dogs of the Pitbull breed are considered dangerous and aggressive, in addition to being frequently abused in order to train them to attack.At the beginning of December 2020 a 5 year old boy s, of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, was bitten in the face by a dog of this same breed, on that occasion a policeman from the Secretariat of Citizen Security managed to save the minor, according to Noticieros Televisa.

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