NBA coaches must wear masks as a requirement



Alex Madrid

09 / Dec / 20 15:46

Alex Madrid

NBA coaches will not have to wear suits, but must wear a mask.

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The NBA and the NBCA (National Association of Basketball Coaches) agreed to relax the rules for coaches’ dress during the 2020-21 season. Suit jackets or sports uniforms will not be mandatory, as was the case in the NBA bubble this summer, when most coaches wore polo shirts during games.

However, the use of face masks by coaches is now mandatory at all times while training, rather than the policy carried during matches in the bubble. The guidelines state that coaches “masks should not be lowered regularly more than is occasionally necessary in the circumstances to perform essential training tasks. “

“The NBA has always been a dynamic business and the challenges we face in society right now with COVID only amplify the dynamic nature of our business,” the Dallas Mavericks coach told the Associate Press, Rick Carlisle, president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. “You have to be able to adapt, you have to find solutions … and we are going to make it work.”

“Wear a mask at all times,” Carlisle added when asked how he is preparing for the challenges that will come with traveling again for the games. “That is your number one shield. And number two, stay alert and follow protocols. It is an incredible amount of work to avoid getting COVID. You have to work extremely hard to try to stay out of harm’s way and there are never any guarantees.. But if you work on it, you have a chance. “

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