NBA: Doncic leads the Mavericks in overtime with a memorable game (34 + 20 + 12)

NBA The youngest in history to triple-double with at least 30 + 20 + 10

Doncic is defended by Giles in a file image. .

Luka Doncic again demonstrated that is one of the best players in the NBA with an anthological game. This time, in addition to signing a star game with 34 points, 20 rebounds (personal record) and 12 assists, made possible the victory of the Mavericks against the Kings in overtime (107-111) and allows the Texans to continue dreaming of rising to sixth place and avoiding the Clippers in the playoffs.

The Slovenian deed takes on epic overtones as it became the youngest player in NBA history to score a triple-double with at least 30 points, 20 rebounds and 10 rebounds. Major words for Slovenian crack, which now has 16 triple-doubles this season in all 57 games who has played and is the league player with more triple-doubles of 30 points or more with 11, followed by LeBron James (5), Jokic (4) and Harden (3).

The Mavericks, who had a grim record in tied ends (had lost four of their last five overtime and several tied games in the final minutes) they found in Doncic the light to get out of that dark tunnel that was beginning to create a certain psychosis. This time the Slovenian changed that losing streak on his own. He threw his team on his back and at the most tricky moment, when Porzingis (22 + 7) was eliminated for six fouls in the fourth quarter, he led the Mavs to victory, who were always in tow.

In all three bubble games Doncic averages a triple-double: 34 points, 13.6 rebounds and 11 assists per game, a brutality for a boy who does not seem to be 21 years old. The Kings, who risked their lives, suffered in their flesh. Fox (28 + 3 + 7), Hield (21) and Bazemore (16) had to surrender to the Slovenian talent, a nightmare for all its rivals.

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