NBA : Gobert, time for revenge


Rudy Gobert assures him: the coronavirus experience has helped him to take a step forward. And it is revenge that he approaches the end of the season which resumes next night.

Stopped since March, the NBA is preparing to resume its rights. The season starts again next night in the Orlando bubble. And as a symbol, it is Rudy Gobert’s Jazz which will open the ball against the Pelicans. The French interior was the first player to test positive for the coronavirus, his case quickly prompting the League to suspend the season.

The Covid-19 has undermined the French colossus. Both physically and morally. Blame it on the controversy caused by his more than light behavior in the days preceding his positive test, the pivot of Jazz openly mocking the recommended precautions or barrier gestures. Donovan Mitchell, his teammate at the Jazz, was going to pay the price and the relationship between the two men too, the young leader taking time before digesting the incident. And it is also not certain that the native has really turned the page.

The goal is to aim for the title

The resumption of competition, scheduled for next night, will surely help. Rudy Gobert is in any case thirsty for revenge. “I am at a stage where I have to go to a higher level. I think everything that happened has helped me psychologically to take another step. It will be up to me to show it over the next few months, ”he told RMC Sport’s microphone, assuring him to be revenge. “I feel that Rudy Gobert can move to another level, it’s up to me to continue to progress,” he added.

The French are thinking big for the end of the season. “For regular season games, the goal is to win as much as possible to have the best position in the playoffs, and then the goal is to aim for the title,” he said. We don’t want to aim lower. We know the road is long, but we want to beat all the teams in front of us, even if it won’t be easy. The Lakers, Clippers and Milwaukee are the three favorites, but I think a lot can happen. The team that will have the best dynamics and the best cohesion will increase its chances of going to the end. ”

I felt good

And despite necessarily special preparation, Rudy Gobert approaches this recovery with confidence, sure of his form. “I had the opportunity to train at home individually, I was able to keep in shape despite everything. When I resumed, I was a little apprehensive about playing 5 against 5 physically, but when we did practice matches I felt good. I was happy, and I was able to gain momentum until today, ”he said, overflowing with appetite.

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