NBA: Jonathan Isaac falls out of the script: first player who does not kneel during the anthem

NBA The Magic did not wear the black shirt of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ either

NBA players seemed to all go to one when it came to show your commitment against social inequalities. In fact, in the first two games everyone the players had knelt during the performance of the national anthem as a token of their commitment.

However, in the third game of the Orlando bubble Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac has skipped the script and he has become the first player to stand with your hands behind your back when the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ sounded while his teammates and rivals remained hugging and kneeling on the court.

Isaac, of Puerto Rican descent, Nor did he wear the black warm-up shirt with the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ and listened to the anthem in the Florida franchise game uniform.

The NBA establishes in its regulations that players must listen to the anthem upright, but Adam Silver assured on July 30 that Due to the circumstances in the United States and the current climate of protest against racism, the league does not act against teams that decide to kneel during the anthem.

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