NBA : LeBron James’ position statement


The boycott of the Bucks against Orlando launched a movement followed by the entire NBA but also other sports. If the season is potentially at a standstill, LeBron James has a request to move forward.

The historic gesture of the Bucks who decided not to enter the floor for Game 5 of their duel against the Magic marks the beginning of a strong position in the NBA but also in many sports. And if all the components of the NBA discussed during the night to try to opt for a common position on the way forward, the idea of ​​stopping the season was put on the carpet.

LeBron James speaks

According to some sources, Adrian Wojnarowski in particular, the Lakers and the Clippers, who would have left the meeting before its end, are pushing for an outright stop. But LeBron James in particular would be more measured with specific requests so that it is really a fundamental movement and not a simple sling of the players. Obviously, the voice of the “King” carries and he would have asked for a very particular involvement of the bosses of the franchises, sine qua non in his eyes for a lasting change.

A new meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. with the players while the League also plans to convene a board of directors with the owners. More than ever, the NBA as a whole wishes to initiate a lasting change of mentality against racism in the United States. The movement is underway.

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