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Panathinaikos had an easy job against Ionikos, with the greens prevailing away from home with 79-53 and going up to 4-0. On the other hand, the Nikaians fell to 1-5.

Ionikos started exceptionally and with a series of 7-0 took the reins (2 ‘). Panathinaikos’ response was immediate and with its own series 0-14 it regained control (7-17, with the ten-minute period ending at 14-21.

The hosts once again came in strong and reduced the basket (23-25, 13 ‘), something that woke up Panathinaikos. The players of Giorgos Vovoras increased their pressure on the defense, while offensively they found shots, raising their lead and thus closing the half at 28-40.

A two-pointer by Kaselakis increased the difference to 17 (30-47, 25 ‘), with the guests now having the match in their hands. A three-pointer by Mack sent his team to +19 (39-58, 29 ‘), with the quarter end closing at 41-60.

The last period was a formal process, with everything now on its way. The only question mark was the final difference, with the greens prevailing 53-79

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