NBA: Skip Bayless, on LeBron’s minute load: “If it’s on TV, it’s going to play”

NBA The Lakers forward is one of the few stars who is playing more in friendlies

LeBron James, in a game with the Lakers. .

LeBron James is always on everyone’s lips. For one thing or another, the forward of the Lakers is often news. Usually, by the numbers and impact it registers when it is on the court. Others, due to extra-sport situations that shake him due to his medical impact. ‘King’ James is a player hungry for victory. A winner who never gives up and always wants more. Perhaps that is what makes him look for the best physical form and that at 35 he is like an oak.

Since the friendlies started in the Orlando “bubble”, ‘The King’ has not been dosed. In the first game, the inaugural against Luka Doncic’s Mavericks, it is true that he only played 15 minutes in which he contributed 12 points and five assists. However, yesterday against the Magic he went up to 25 minutes in which he could add 20 points and seven basket passes. If we compare it with what he played, for example, his partner Anthony Davis, it is outrageous. AD disputed nine.

It is true that ‘La Ceja’ suffered a blow to the eye that was not covered by gravity and that is why he played for so few minutes. But it is surprising, to some, that at his age it is not dosed and more now, when after a long hiatus comes a marathon of games. First you have to finish the regular season and then play the long playoffs. The advantage is that they will not have to travel. Well, in this context, in which James plays and plays regardless of the minutes, Skip Bayless has spoken on their social networks.

The sports columnist and face more than known on American television has wanted to explain, according to him, why this absurd load of minutes is due: “LeBron impresses me. He remains in the third quarter of a friendly match …He is the third player with the most minutes in NBA history. You can’t help it. If there is basketball and it comes out on television he will play and play and play … “.

And is that his character has led him to always be in the public opinion. He has always been the center of attention and he was even called “The Chosen One”. However, to think that you are risking your physique is to fall into a false mistake. It has never been to manage the efforts and now, in the final part of his career and with an enviable physique, it seems that he will not do it either. LeBron, with the voracious hunger of always.

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