NBA : The biggest contracts in NBA history


The salaries of NBA players have exploded in recent years.

Patrick Mahonnes, the Chiefs quarterback has had a good year. A few weeks after winning the Superbowl with the Kansas City franchise, the Texan has indeed signed the biggest contract in the history of the sport. With a 12-season lease with the Chiefs, the League’s last MVP is indeed guaranteed to receive no less than $ 503 million.

Patrick Mahonnes has thus erased Mike Trout, the Angels baseball player, who has also committed for 12 years and some $ 426 million. Baseball also trusts the first places in the ranking of the biggest contracts in the history of sport with eight representatives in the Top 10. Something to make NBA players jealous… or not.

Because if the contracts offered to the actors of the League are less gigantic, it is mainly because of their duration, no lease exceeding six years and most lasting four or five years. The salaries offered by franchises are nonetheless gigantic with emoluments that can exceed 40 million euros. Consequence of the explosion of television rights.

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