NBA | Transfer market 2020: rumors, transfers and transfers NBA 2020: the new Celtics and the new Knicks

NBA | Transfer market 2020 All NBA player movements

Although barely a month has passed since the last game of last season, the 2020-21 NBA season has already started to walk. The beginning of the first operations of NBA transfers and player movements in templates are a reality with market opening that occurred at 0:00 hours on November 20 on a first day of madness. And this Sunday the closure of the signatures and official announcements is already open, in a market in which the franchises will barely have time to move and close their templates before The ‘training camps’ begin next December 1. Here, we collect all the news that occurs:

Juancho Hernangmez has entered the market as a free agent with restrictions, however Madrid has reached an agreement with the Timberwolves to renew for three years and 21 million dollars in total, thus committing to a team that has a solid project with future stars, such as Anthony Edwards, star consolidations, like Karl Anthony-Towns, or a charismatic leader like Ricky Rubio.

Willy hernangmez I chose the New Orleans Pelicans to continue his career in the NBA. He has reached a one-year deal with a team with many changes this season.

There is news regarding Marc Gasol. According to Shams Charania, the player would now be defoliating a daisy with leaves of the Lakers and the Raptors, dismissing other offers such as the Warriors. The Raptors they want to renew him after losing Ibaka and the LakersApparently, they will be working on creating enough salary space to convince the Spanish pvot with a great offer.

The time has come for Donovan Mitchell sign a great contract. The All Star has reached an agreement with the Utah Jazz and earn $ 195 million in five seasons.

The free agent Harry giles signed for a year with Portland. Giles, 22, was the 20th in the 2017 draft for the Kings and has had a difficult career with knee problems.

Trying to build a champion team, the Milwaukee bucks they keep adding pieces to their template. They reached a two-year agreement with the free agent Bryn forbes, which leaves the Spurs looking for a contender to the ring. The second year is a player option. Forbes is Wisconsin’s response to the failure to sign Bogdanovic and it could be a request from Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks also reached an agreement with Torrey craig.

With 11 of his 14 seasons playing for the Mavs, Dallas considers JJ Barea a very important asset. Texans want to build a team that fights for the title in tune with Luka doncic, and that’s why they don’t want to lose the point guard. Dallas has as one of its priorities the renovation of Barea, although the player has already stated that wherever he goes he wants a more important role than last year.

Although his name was linked to Lakers in the last hours, to other teams that seem to have taken the lead for the Spanish pvot. Own Raptors now they see him as a priority after Ibaka’s final departure to the Clippers and want to undertake his renewal. The Clippers they keep looking for reinforcements and look favorably on the Spaniard. And now, to all, the interest of the Golden state warriors that according to various information become favorites to sign him.

It will be done shortly, but Serge Ibaka joins the Clippers for those who sign two years and $ 19 million. Ibaka had become one of the biggest players in the free agent market and in the end he decided on the offer of the Los Angeles team that keeps him in the fight for the NBA title. The Clippers’ next target could be Marc Gasol.

After the departure of Gordon hayward, the failure to bring Rondo back and the possible departure of Kemba walker, the Celtics they begin to put the wickers of the future staff, at least in the near future, Tristan Thompson and Jeff Teague. On a fruitful Sunday morning, the Greens struck a deal with Thompson, who leaves the Cavs where he was champion with LeBron after eight seasons. Thompson will play two years green for $ 19 million. There was also an agreement with Teague, who arrives to cover the gap left by Brad Wanamaker Golden State Road.

He goes on the market as a restricted free agent and will stay in Phoenix for three more seasons. Jevon carter settled with the Arizona franchisee for a total of $ 11.5 million.

In the last hours, Knicks joined the signing of Elfrid Payton from Nerlens Noel, a player with an excellent poster following his steps through Philadelphia, Dallas and Oklahoma. Noel, represented by Rich Paul, comes to the Big Apple for a season and $ 5 million.

The base enlists in the Warriors for a season and $ 2.25 million. Brad Wanamaker played a very productive role in Celtics last year and will now have a similar role as a substitute for Stephen Curry in a team that wants to reign again.

Orlando reached an agreement with Gary Clark to renew him for two seasons and $ 4.1 million in total.