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The immigrants from the wrecked ship were organized and lived off scrap

Barcelona, ​​Dec 10 (EFE) .- The more than a hundred immigrants who had made the wrecked ship last night in Badalona (Barcelona) their home were organized and poorly lived collecting scrap metal and old furniture, and lately they were also dedicated to making furniture with wooden pallets. This was explained by the representative of Stop MareMortum and the Badalona Acull association, Angelina Lecha, who visited the inhabitants of the place several times, the last one last summer. Two people have died, three are in critical condition and four are serious as a result of the fire, according to the latest balance offered by the Medical Emergency System (SEM). “We visited them this summer and they were organized, most of them made their living by collecting scrap metal and old furniture, and this summer they were making furniture with pallets. There was a person in charge, who was the one who knew who was entering and leaving (the ship), and if there was space or not (to accommodate more people) “, has detailed Lecha. Asked if she was aware of the existence of conflicts with the residents of the neighborhood, the member of Badalona Acull explained that while the confinement lasted “their means of subsistence was blocked because they could not go out on the street, and as far as we know, with the neighbors there was no conflict. ” “The city council, through its social services and the Red Cross, gave them health support, but with the pandemic these services were overwhelmed, their situation worsened and their vulnerability has been accentuated,” he added. According to Lecha, “with this precarious situation, it is normal that one conflict or another may arise, but until recently there were no problems, although now it seems that there were conflicts with the neighbors.” Regarding the number of people who lived in the ship, the representative of Stop MareMortum has said: “There was a lot of volatility, up to one hundred and more people have lived, but now surely there were more because the number of people who are homeless has increased “. Lecha has denounced that the spokesperson for the immigrants has conveyed his complaint that tonight they have not been offered food, blankets or shelter and they have had to sleep on the street “and they did not feel assisted”, until this morning, when A citizen service center has been set up where they have been transferred. The representative of the association to help migrant people has denounced that the current Badalona City Council, chaired by Xavier García Albiol (PP), denies the registration of people who cannot prove a home. “The previous municipalities tried to have the sanitary issue controlled and the social services delegated the registration process to the Red Cross,” said Lecha. “Today, World Human Rights Day, the first right that is violated in Badalona is that there is no registration here, and the register is the basis for access to health and education,” he added. According to Lecha, in Badalona “people who cannot prove housing, who live in a rented room and pay in black, are not allowed to register, they are prevented, the opposite of which Barcelona does, and the register is a right independent of where Live because it gives access to health, work and education and it is necessary because you cannot process anything if you do not show three years of continuous registration. ” “The immigration law and the issue of housing is the mother of all this that is happening with the issue of migration. These people come because they want to work, but they are not allowed to work and we make them the most vulnerable population” , has concluded the spokeswoman for Stop MareMortum and Badalona Acull. (c) EFE Agency

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