Netflix boasts of the success of ‘Lupine’ – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The only time Netflix provides viewing data for their productions is when they have a hit on their hands: then they proclaim it even before they can certify it. His latest big hit is the French series Lupine, a reinterpretation of the famous white-collar thief created by Maurice Leblanc. The five chapters starring Omar Sy premiered on January 8 and just 10 days after its launch, Netflix has already boasted of its success and, in a boast that is unprecedented within the company, ensures that the series will be seen on 70 million households in its first four weeks, through February 5.

If Netflix’s prediction comes true, it would be the second most watched original series on the platform and would only have The Witcher ahead, which in its first 28 days reached 76 million views. Lupine thus surpasses other recent Netflix hits such as The Bridgertons (with 63 million views) or the third season of Cobra Kai (41 million views). The data for the latter are projections that Netflix offers for its first 28 days (a period of time that the platform takes as a reference in most of its audience measurements) based on the reproductions obtained in its first days.

It should be borne in mind that Netflix counts as viewing any reproduction of content that is longer than two minutes, since it considers that this has shown interest in that product. Furthermore, it is data that is not subject to an external audit.

Since its premiere, Lupine not only ranked as the most watched Netflix production in France, where it has about nine million subscribers. It has also reached the first place in the elections of its users in countries such as Spain, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Poland or the Philippines. This adaptation in which its protagonist imitates the tricks of the literary character to try to avenge the memory of his father, unjustly accused of having stolen a valuable necklace, has received very positive reviews, distinguishing itself from other previous French Netflix productions that did not achieve a so clear support from the public and critics, like the political drama Marseille or the horror thriller Marianne.

Always according to the figures provided by Netflix following its own measurement system, the fourth season of La casa de papel remains third among its most viewed productions worldwide with 65 million views, followed by the documentary series Tiger King with 64 million. Gambit de dama remains the most watched miniseries on the platform, with 62 million views. Other big hits in 2020 were Ratched, with 42 million views, the second season of The Umbrella Academy (43 million), Space Force (40 million), the fifth season of Lucifer (38 million) and the third installment of Ozark ( 29 million).

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