Netflix refuses to continue losing subscribers and makes three changes to the service to convince users

It started February and Netflix, which was stepping up its efforts to prevent its subscribers from sharing their passwords with others, required connected devices to log in from the account holder’s IP address once every 31 days. But it seems that the company reconsidered.

As if that were not enough, the measures included that the service would immediately block any new computer that tries to log in from a different IP address.

Now, the streaming platform seems to make access a bit more flexible. According to a report published on the website of xatakathere will no longer be periods of time or the obligation to connect every month.

In addition, for those who “made a one-time escape from that home”, Netflix could (that is, it will not always) request a temporary code to give access to the application for seven consecutive days. This seems to allow account sharing in a way.

“When you sign in to an account from a device outside of your home or start using that device frequently, we may ask you to verify it before you can use it to watch Netflix or change your Netflix home. We do this to confirm that the device that uses the account is authorized to do so, ”explains the company in the latest update of your support page.

Other news

Netflix included Spatial Audio technology in more than 7,000 titles for premium plan subscribers, including Stranger Things, Merlina, among others.

This system achieves a feeling of immersion in the content by simulating that the sound comes from all directions regardless of the characteristics of the device, whether or not it has Dolby Atmos.

Premium subscribers will also enjoy another improvement. They will be able to download content on more devices, especially for travelers. In total, there are six accepted devices, two more than the previous configuration.