Netflix releases in February 2023 for Latin America

Like every month, the platforms renew part of their content offer. Among the premieres of Netflix during February 2023 are the return of a series that continues to attract the attention of the audience, and another that can be understood as a classic come to less, among other productions. Most of the news will be presented in that section, but there is also news regarding movies and documentaries.

For the month of February, in the sector of premiere series on Netflix, the return of You stands out. It will be her fourth season, after one that seemed to stretch her story to the maximum. However, it continues and it is quite likely that it will be one of the main contents of the platform during the month. To it will be added the ending of The Walking Dead, along with other options presented below.

In the movies section, in the Netflix premieres we find proposals such as Your house or mine, A girl in trouble and Everywhere. Part of the tone of the novelties will be marked by Valentine’s Day. As for the new documentaries that will be available on the streaming video service, there are the following: Gunther, the millionaire dog: Miniseries, The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina and the fifth season of Formula 1: Drive to survive .

Below, all the Netflix releases during the month of February.

Series: Netflix releases

  • Freeridge: February 2
  • You (Season 4): February 9
  • Battle of love: February 10
  • All the times we fell in love: February 14
  • Lidia Poët’s law: February 15
  • Red Rose: February 15
  • The Upshaw Family (Part 3): February 16
  • Palermo Division: February 17
  • Triad: February 22
  • Outer Banks (Season 3): February 23
  • The Walking Dead (Season 11): February 22


  • Infest: February 3
  • Free spirit: February 3
  • Your house or mine: February 10
  • A Girl in Trouble: February 10
  • Everywhere: February 14
  • We have a ghost: February 24
  • Little Women: February 25
  • Bad Boys Forever: February 25

Netflix documentaries

  • Gunther the Millionaire Dog: Miniseries: February 1
  • The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina: February 22
  • Formula 1: Drive to survive (Season 5): February 24
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