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In the streaming war, who leads Netflix, anything goes. Subscriptions for this type of services grew 72.5 percent in Latin America, with which it is expected that by the end of the current year there will be 136 million subscribers on the market, according to eMarketer.

Latin America is located in the fourth position in the world ranking by regions on the total population of users of streaming services in the world, behind North America with 62.1 percent, Eastern Europe with 41.5 percent and Asia-Pacific with 23.4 percent.

It is the most prominent area in this sector, North America, which highlights what is working as a plow to gain ground and Nielsen has revealed exactly which series was the most watched streaming in 2020.

Ironically, in a year in which the health crisis kept the Godínezes confined, The Office, which takes place in a company, as can be deduced from its name, is the most watched series of the previous year.

Netflix scored a goal by having the series in its ranks. Last year, Americans broadcast more than 57 billion minutes of The Office, becoming the favorite comedy on the platform, before officially leaving to move to Peacock, what He also did the right thing by taking her away.

Nielsen analyzed the data from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus, and with that, determined that in the United States, the most that was seen was The Office. Second is Grey’s Anatomy and its many seasons.

The Office has 9 seasons and therefore increases the probability that it will record more minutes of playback, with a total of 192 episodes, while Grey’s Anatomy has 366, and even so, it registered almost 20 billion more minutes of reproduction.

The Shonda Rhimes series achieved an estimated 39.4 million minutes aired, also on Netflix, but without surpassing the NBC production.

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The streaming giant went further and had 10 programs among the “most viewed”, which included the past seasons of Criminal Minds, NCIS, Schitt’s Creek, Supernatural, Shameless, New Girl, Black List, and Vampire Diaries.

The battle for now runs this way, but The Mandalorian has also been seen by millions, it is Disney Plus, that keeps Netflix in suspense. The platform has accumulated more than 86 million subscribers since its launch on November 12, 2019 in the United States, as recently revealed by Disney CEO Bob Chapek. The streaming content platform has exceeded its own forecasts, as it pointed to the figure for 2024.

In fact, there is already a forecast from the experts, which indicates that it would be overtaking Netflix in 2022 and also all its streaming competitors, according to figures provided by experts from eMarketer.

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