Networks are thrown on Claudia Sheinbaum after this alert on her Twitter

According to the same CDMX, there is an accumulated 233 thousand cases of COVID-19 in the capital since the beginning of the pandemic

The bulk of the population affected by the disease have been individuals between 20 and 50 years old

Since before the start of the Good End, at the beginning of November, the networks have demanded that the capital authorities put a red traffic light

The Head of Government of Mexico City (CDMX), Claudia Sheinbaum, has just published a message on her social networks regarding the COVID-19 crisis that the entity is going through. Over the past few weeks, the number of cases and hospitalizations in the capital has been constantly increasing with no apparent sign of improvement. This has led the authorities to put more restrictions on businesses and individuals, but without having great coercive measures.

The message on the networks that Sheinbaum published a few minutes ago follows the same trend. The head of Government made a call to all the inhabitants of CDMX. In it, he recalled that the number of hospitalizations has been dangerously increasing. In that sense, he asked all citizens to participate to stop the chain of infections. He reaffirmed the need to be in solidarity with the health situation, as well as not to leave home if it is not necessary.

Unfortunately for the capital’s president, the networks did not take the message well. Several users claimed that, instead of giving suggestions, it was better to raise the level of the epidemiological traffic light to red, something that apparently he has refused to do for weeks. Still others begged him to take much stronger measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the city. This, because a good part of the population is not following recommendations.

The status of COVID-19 in CDMX

While many user comments on networks against Sheinbaum are not pleasant, it can be said that they are justified. According to Proceso, in at least 200 neighborhoods in the capital, cases of disease doubled between November 29 and December 6. At the time, the head of government said that these alarming figures respond, to a large extent, to the fact that the number of tests that have been carried out is also increasing.

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As for the claim of social networks not to go to the red light, the president seems to wash her hands and pass the baton to the federal government. According to Animal Político, he has said that the number of hospitalizations is only one of the ten points that López Obrador’s team marks to define the level of epidemiological alert. And in this sense, he points out that the CDMX echoes the rating sent by experts led by López-Gatell each week.

If something can be said in defense of the CDMX Government, it is that it has begun to become stricter with prevention measures; contrary to what the networks indicate. According to Televisa, fines of up to eight thousand pesos will begin to be defined for individuals who organize posadas or other massive parties during the Christmas season. Still, it is uncertain how great the force will be made available to detect and punish the cases.

The tyranny of social media

Another element that should be noted in this case is that it is not the first time that users on social networks have launched themselves against a political figure for their decisions. It should not be forgotten that at the beginning of December criticism rained down on the president for his unfulfilled promises within the health sector. Countries like Denmark and the United Kingdom went viral only because, in January, it promised that by this time there would be a very similar public medical system.

Of course, the networks are not only ready to bury politicians in negative comments. Also brands, no matter how innocent their mistake, can be at risk of being criticized relentlessly. Just yesterday, on John Lennon’s death anniversary, the Spotify Community Manager mistook it for his birthday. The comment naturally quickly went viral, especially among the most loyal John Lennon and The Beatles fans.

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