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Although the model was already shown in China for the first time a few months ago, until now we had not been able to see the interior of the new 2021 Ford Equator. It has been a new series of spy photos that have revealed the luxurious interior of the new 7-seater SUV from Ford.

It was last September when we saw the first images of the new 2021 Ford Equator. A totally new 7-seater SUV that is going to be manufactured and marketed by the Jiangling-Ford joint venture exclusively in China and of which until now only a couple of images of its exterior had transpired.

Although the report that accompanied those first images assured that the model had already been shown in public in China, until now we had not had the opportunity to see new copies of the new Ford full-size SUV, nor images of its interior. Which has been quite a surprise, because the new 2021 Equator has a very neat and luxurious looking cabin that has been revealed precisely with the publication of this new series of spy photos.

The dashboard is very luxurious and technological.

Although the new Ford Equator will be an exclusive product for the Chinese market, it has been developed so that occupy a prominent place in the brand’s catalog in that market. By size we speak of a model very close to those of the American full-size segment and by positioning it is a product that tries to approach the premium models or better finished and equipped.

Its exterior denotes that it is a product loaded with a lot of design and intended for an audience more familiar than campero, but when seeing the first images of its interior it is clear that it is a model with a premium and urban orientation. The modern dashboard features wood inserts that extend to the door panels and with numerous elements covered in leather, so the result looks like a more packaged model. Its huge horizontal screen reminds of the Widescreen system that most Mercedes models mount and that acts as a digital dashboard and screen for the information and entertainment system.


Like the vast majority of models sold in the Chinese market, the new 2021 Ford Equator will only have a mechanical version, equipped with a block of 4-cylinder 2.0-liter supercharged gasoline and 224 PS (221 hp), which will be available with manual or automatic transmission, in front or all-wheel drive versions. For now there are no reports on the date of commercialization or its possible prices.

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