New fiasco in the negotiation of the housing law due to the refusal of the PSOE to comply with the pact to limit rents

The negotiation between PSOE and United We Can remains stagnant and with no signs of improvement. This was confirmed in the new meeting held by both formations this Tuesday, which ended with the same result as last Thursday: no progress, diametrically opposed conceptions on how the rental market should be regulated and the refusal of the Socialists to comply with the agreement they signed last October, when they committed to the purple ones to approve a price control mechanism.

Less than a week before the end of the month, it is practically impossible for the PSOE and United We Can to comply with the agreement they signed in October, which established that the housing bill had to be approved by the Council of Ministers in February to begin immediately after its parliamentary procedure. Purple sources are enormously critical of the PSOE, which they accuse of having attended this Tuesday’s meeting the same as last week: without any written proposal regarding the regulation of rents, empty housing or evictions. The Socialists, for their part, have not commented on the meeting.

José Luis Ábalos, Minister of Transport

As confirmed this Monday by the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos -coproponent of the housing law, together with the Second Vice-Presidency of Pablo Iglesias-, the idea of ​​the PSOE is that of establish tax breaks for homeowners who rent them at a lower price to which the administration establishes. United We can categorically refuse to implement this model, which the Socialists have denied up to now having proposed, because according to a report by the Second Vice Presidency, it has already been tested in Portugal and has been a “failure”

But it is that, in addition, the refusal of the PSOE to establish a mechanism of limitation of rent prices supposes breach the agreement signed with United We Can in October. In this pact, both forces undertook to “enable the communities” to establish price indices and “articulate basic mechanisms” so that they could determine “stressed” market areas where the rent had experienced “an abusive and sustained increase.”

According to that pact signed by PSOE and United We Can, in those areas the law had to contemplate the establishment of “containment mechanisms or possibly lower prices, both for new contracts and existing contracts.” “In any case,” the agreement also stated, “Unjustified increases in new leases will be contained, taking as a reference the price of the previous lease and limiting the increases allowed to the situations contained in the housing law “.

“To comply with what was agreed in the Coalition Government agreement between Unidos Podemos and PSOE, both formations have agreed regulate the containment of rental income in the housing law“The pact also stated.

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