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Although the PlayStation 5 debuted last November with several major exclusive games, more titles are expected to accompany the system in its first months on the market. One of the proposals that are closer and attract a lot of attention is Returnal, especially for the use it will make of the haptic functions of the DualSense. Well, if you were hoping to know more details about these features, then you can’t miss the new gameplay video.

In the latest HouseCast broadcast, sections of Returnal gameplay can be seen as Game Director Harry Krueger shares more information on what the development of Returnal represented.

Most of the games that Housemarque has worked on have been of the arcade genre in which games with top-down perspective, two-dimensional or tank vision were very common. That said, Returnal represented a change, as this title will be a 3D shooter, although it will retain a bit of the frenzy of arcade games, in the sense that the player will have to return to the beginning after losing and mobility will be very fast and you can see it in the gameplay sections of the video below, where you can see how the protagonist will have to use an impulse to evade shots.

In case you missed it: Returnal is the most ambitious game in Housemarque history.

DualSense features will be essential in Returnal gameplay

One of the main challenges in developing Returnal was the extra dimension, since now players would not be able to realize what is happening around them due to the third person vision. To make the player aware of their environment and dangers, Housemarque mentions that they will use indicators and it was also revealed that they will be able to use a retractable hook or hookshot to gain height and give the combat verticality.

The most interesting thing that was detailed during the broadcast is how the adaptive triggers will work in the adventure. According to the information, lightly pressing L2 will allow aiming and shooting with the primary weapon, while fully pressing it will fire secondary or alternate ammunition and deal more damage.

Housemarque also confirmed that it will be possible to fully customize the buttons. Another feature that Returnal will take advantage of is 3D audio, which will also help players identify dangers.

We do not tell you more and we better leave you with the video below.

And you, are you waiting for Returnal? How about how it will take advantage of the DualSense’s haptic features? Tell us in the comments.

Returnal will debut on March 19 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and if you want to see more gameplay sections, we invite you to go to this other link. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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