New legal setback for Trump on “Dreamers” protection program

Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the Brooklyn court in New York called on US authorities to allow affected migrants to enroll in the program, opposing a ruling that limited it to beneficiaries already enrolled.

According to the think tank Center for American Progress, which advocates for the program, nearly 300,000 more people could benefit from it.

This is the latest setback for Donald Trump in the “Dreamers” file. The Supreme Court of the United States had already forbidden him in June to put an end to this protective status, judging his decision “capricious” and “arbitrary”. And Judge Garaufis had already canceled in mid-November a decision by the US Minister of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, which restricted access to the program and limited to one year, against two previously, the renewal of the status of beneficiaries.

President-elect Joe Biden had already promised to implement this program as soon as he took office on January 20. About 700,000 people benefit from it, most of them from Latin America.

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