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Nintendo could be preparing a new Mario Party | Nintendo

Nintendo seems to be in the early stages working a new set of « Mario Party ». This next installment would be the first since the launch of « Super Mario Party » in 2018 and it seems that it will also be developed by the same study.

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This information comes from a new publication through social networks where it is said that the developer NDcube are looking to recruit for a new « Mario Party ». NDcube is the study that previously worked on « Super Mario Party » among other games like « Mario Party 10 », « Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp » and « Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics ».

The publication implores interested in to work in the next game in the series he will join the biggest team in NDcube.

The fact that Nintendo even want more « Mario Party » in the future it is obvious. « Super Mario Party » in Nintendo switch it sold incredibly well to the publisher, which means it was only a matter of time until it was put into development at tracing.

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However, regardless of what the future may hold, more « Mario Party » seems to be something in what you can plan. Whenever that future title of the series.

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