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By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 01/12/2021 7:27 pm

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Since the launch of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in November last year, Ubisoft has been adding new microtransactions to the game from time to time. Previous installments followed a similar pattern, but there are elements of Valhalla that are starting to worry fans, and here’s why.

In the base version of Valhalla, there are 10 armor sets that you can find in the game. All these sets can be found simply by playing, but there are more in the store Ubisoft that you can buy for real money, and that some even have better stats than standard armor.

Do you know where the thing is going? Game fans are debating whether Valhalla it is becoming, or not, a pay-to-win experience, despite being a single player game. Worst of all is that Ubisoft has been adding more armor to the game store, and as I was telling you before, the only way to get them is by spending real money.

Some players are opposed to this idea, but many others do not give it great importance since there is no multiplayer component where you can abuse being armor, and even consider that these microtransactions help finance future installments of the franchise. Do you agree with this position, or do you think microtransactions are getting out of control?


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