New mind-blowing images of the Capitol assault released (VIDEO)

Luke Mogelson has seen others. This great reporter notably lived in Afghanistan for several years, and covered the Syrian news. On January 6, this reporter was with supporters of Donald Trump during the assault on Capitol Hill. Phone in hand, he filmed the insurgency up close. He notably approached Jake Angeli, a member of the conspiratorial movement QAnon, whose face has been around the world.

In his account, the New Yorker says that in the midst of the angry crowd, Mogelson very quickly sensed that something was brewing. So he grabbed his smartphone to film the surge of pro-Trump violence. The result is a video of more than 12 minutes, in which we witness some hallucinating scenes.

“There must be something to use against this garbage”

One of them shows the attackers searching the senators’ offices (about 5 minutes away on the video). Republican Ted Cruz’s has been combed through. As a reminder, Congress had to certify the results of the presidential election that day. A simple formality in normal times.

“Look! Ted Cruz’s objection to the count in Arizona. He had intended to let go of us from the start!”, Launches a protester. “Oh no! Wait, actually it’s okay… He’s with us! He’s with us!” Others then search for documents, taking pictures. “There must be something in there that we can use against this garbage,” we can also hear.

In the distance, then echoes the voice of Jake Angeli. He begins a song on the balcony of the Senate before going down to pray with other sympathizers, in a scene quite hallucinating.

“Although the film was not originally intended to be broadcast, it documents a historical event and serves as a complement to Mogelson’s reporting.” The report in question will be published in the magazine on January 25.

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