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Last year 2020 we learned that New Pokémon Snap It was being developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch, so fans of the game of photographs of the more than mythical Nintendo 64 would have a new opportunity, this time with some more creatures. Thus, since then we had not known anything, until today, at which time the date of launching, as well as some other detail more, including the total number of pocket monsters that will be waiting for us to take the best pictures of this world and the next.

New Pokémon Snap Coming to Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021

It has been thanks to a new trailer shared through social networks that we have been able to learn some more details about New Pokémon Snap, which we now know will come to Nintendo Switch the next April 30, 2021, so the wait is only about three more months. In this way, in the trailer we see several of the different creatures that we can take photos of, coming from the 8 generations that there are to date, and, as has also been confirmed, the total number of them will be more than 200 (Which is far less than the total number of Pokémon, but considering the characteristics of the game, it is more than understandable). There are pocket monsters to choose from to take the best photos we can! Thus, in the Lensis region we will explore, with the teacher and his assistant, a new phenomenon known as «Lúmini», which makes Pokémon glow at night. What is it due to?

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In this way, with the new trailer under our arms, but also with the occasional artistic image in which we can see the protagonists of the game and the Pokémon Professor who will be in charge of guiding us, we have no choice but to be patient, but, meanwhile, we can start choosing the best photographic lens. And you, have you played the original Nintendo 64 game and are now waiting like rain for this current sequel or are you going to get started in the world of taking photos with this new installment?

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