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Sony already has a well-defined strategy for PlayStation 5. Like its predecessor, the next-generation console will be based on great exclusives. Some of them have already been confirmed for this year, but some projects are still kept secret.

It has long been known that Sony formed a new development studio, based in San Diego, to work on projects for the next generation. However, the studio has not given any clues about his first big project.

Fortunately, little by little more details are coming to light, so we now know that the San Diego team is on a mission to expand some existing Sony franchises. Thus, the team could be working on one of the most recognized sagas of PlayStation.

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Sony studio in San Diego will work with well-known sagas

Michael Mumbauer, who worked as a studio head at PlayStation, updated his LinkedIn profile with details of his time at the San Diego developer. Thanks to this, we know that the studio uses proprietary motor technology to expand existing franchises.

The creative affirms that the company’s goal is “to create new stories for the next generation of players.” There have been rumors and reports for a long time that the San Diego team is working on something related to Uncharted.

On the other hand, it has been said that the San Diego studio also collaborates with other developers at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Despite this, it has not been confirmed which project he works on or which known franchise he belongs to.

Mumbauer mentions in his profile that his last job was developing a AAA project with action and adventure elements for PlayStation. Unfortunately, no saga names are mentioned.

It is important to mention that this new developer is different from San Diego Studio, known for her work on the MLB The Show series, baseball titles. In fact, Sony has not officially introduced its recent team, so there are many details about him that remain a secret.

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While we know more about it, we invite you to visit this link for other news related to PlayStation and its upcoming games.


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