New York : 2 ways to know if your second stimulus check will arrive through the USPS

New York :

2 ways to know if your second stimulus check will arrive through the USPS

When you sign up you will see all the mail addressed to you that has been scanned by the post office.

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To the Internal rents service (IRS) you only have one day left to send the second stimulus check To meet the January 15 deadline, however, some setbacks have already occurred.

If you are eligible for a second stimulus check of $ 600 per person, but you have not yet received the money in your bank account or through a printed check or one EIP debit card in the mail, you may need to check your mailbox. Your check could arrive a few days after the January 15 deadline through traditional mail.

There is two free ways and easy to track your stimulus check. The first is by using the stimulus check tracking tool of the IRS, which can offer you information about your payment program, how it is arriving, the total of its second stimulus check and if there was an error processing your check.

If you find out that your payment will arrive by mail, you can sign up for the free service of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that will show you your letters that have been scanned, that are in transit and that have been delivered to your home. This includes second stimulus check.

If you don’t receive your money in the mail shortly after that date, you will have to file a claim during tax season to receive it, and that could affect how quickly your money arrives.

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USPS Informed Delivery Service: How does it work exactly?

Informed Delivery is a free mail tracking service of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that automatically scans letters and can alert you with a picture whenever a letter with your name is about to be delivered, this includes, of course, the second stimulus payment.

When the USPS passes mailed letters through its automated mail sorting equipment, it automatically creates a digital image of the front of the letter. Anyone who signs up for this USPS service you will be able to receive a notification when each piece of mail with your name is on its way. It is important to know that your account could be activated after three days.

Once you are registered you will receive an email every morning, from Monday to Saturday, to notify you of any email that is addressed to you. You will also see a grayscale image of the front of the letter. Informed Delivery has free apps for Android and iPhone that you can download.

Keep in mind that signing up means you will see all mail that has been scanned by the post office, not just for your stimulus check. You can cancel the service at any time.

To know a guide on how to sign up for the USPS informed delivery service, you can review this note that we prepared a few days ago.

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