New York : 279 establishments have lost liquor license for violating COVID regulations in New York

New York :

279 establishments have lost liquor license for violating COVID regulations in New York

Large investments to reopen could be lost

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With the last 36 suspensions, the number of liquor licenses revoked in New York for violating COVID-19 laws has risen to 279 since March.

23 of the most recent license suspensions took place in NYC, five on Long Island and another eight in the rest of the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo called the violations “egregious,” including seven cases that continued to operate in so-called micro-cluster zones where bars were ordered closed. One of them is “Mac’s Public House” on Staten Island, which was raided last weekend after repeatedly refusing to shut down, amid police incidents.

In total, 1,867 charges have been filed against bars and restaurants for violating the rules established to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Businesses that violate COVID-19 regulations face fines of up to $ 10,000, while the most serious offenses can result in the immediate suspension of the liquor license, he said Fox News.

“Some establishments have continued to ignore the rules, putting their customers, as well as their community at large, at risk,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement. “If we let our guard down and ignore the basic rules of public health, this winter could be one of the darkest periods of the pandemic and we just can’t allow that to happen. “

The State Alcoholic Beverage Authority reiterated that it continues law enforcement efforts throughout New York, with a specific focus on areas like NYC, which have seen dramatic increases in infections.

One of the latent threats in the city is that the service inside restaurants will be closed again, which would cause Millionaires loses. But even Dr. Anthony Fauci, considered the most important infectious disease doctor in the country, has suggested that it would be necessary to contain the virus.

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