New York : 4 types of sausages that you should avoid in your diet

New York :

4 types of sausages that you should avoid in your diet

Consumption of sausages should be moderate so as not to affect your weight and your health.

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The sausages They are common foods in the Western diet, although they are not particularly known for how healthy they are. For this reason, in La Vanguardia and in various sources of health and nutrition it is suggested a limited consumption of them.

There are certain sausages whose inclusion in the diet is not recommended due to how harmful it can be. These are sausages, cold cuts of turkey and chicken, mortadella and chorizo. We will talk more about them below:

1. Sausages

Hot dogs are one of the most common sausages to see today, and also one of the least healthy out there, a fact that commonly escapes the consumer’s sight.

Chicken or pork sausages have between 30-35% fat, another 30-35% meat, and the rest is distributed between nitrates and nitrite, which are assets considered potentially dangerous and which should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Turkey and chicken cold cuts

The turkey and chicken cold cuts are not as harmful as the sausages since they are 50% meat. However, in the cold meat we can find added salts, potato starch or soy protein.

If possible, it is more recommended that you buy those cold cuts that are consist of at least 90% or 95% meat, these products being more whole than the previous ones.

The mortadella contains only 50% meat, completing the rest with fats and additives. Photo: Shutterstock

3. Mortadella

Mortadella is also a common sausage in our diet, and one of those that we think is healthy for us, perhaps because we associate it with gourmet Italian sausage. However, its composition does not differ much from the previous ones.

Many are the cases in which the mortadella does not exceed 50% meat, dividing its composition between starches, additives and fats (25 g in total, of which 10 are most likely saturated fats).

Considering that the WHO suggests that the consumption of saturated fat does not exceed 10% of the total calorie intake, and that the consumption of mortadella allows to exceed this figure by far, reducing the consumption of mortadella seems to be the healthiest thing for us.

4. Chorizo

Chorizo ​​is a fairly caloric food, containing 350 calories per 100 grams. Further, it is composed of 40% fat and has 12% saturated fat. Finally, it has up to 12 times more sodium than fresh meat.

On the other hand, chorizo, like processed meat, may contain red meat, which has recently been associated with a higher risk of developing various types of cancer. This risk can be increased with the consumption of chorizo.

The less sausages you eat, the better for you. Although they can provide you with some nutrients for your body, it is preferable not to use them regularly, opting instead for healthier foods.

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